Serving Together


Ages: 4th Grade to 12th Grade

The word “acolyte” is taken from an ancient Greek word that meant “companion,” “attendant,” or “helper.”  Acolytes work closely with our pastors and others who are on the morning worship team to help the congregation to worship God. Training for new acolytes is held in the fall and all acolytes are assigned services on a rotational basis.


Acolyte Coordinator | Jan Hanson

Aldersgate offers young vocalists and dancers the opportunity to engage in the creative arts and invite all to use their unique gifts in ways that will be a blessing to others.


Bell Choir and Chancel Choir Director |  Lynn Chavdarov

Accompanist | Anna Ferraro

Children and Youth Choir Director |  Tessa Horner


The word “liturgist” in Greek means “work of the people” and is an opportunity for members of the congregation to become more involved in worship by acting as liturgists. This role involves the call to worship, reading the scriptures, and assisting on services where Communion is served. Liturgy Training is provided.


Liturgist Coordinator | TBA


Refreshment Table

Learn how to make coffee, set up supplies, and the clean up process. Come join our efforts to ensure that we offer gracious hospitality every Sunday morning!


Refreshments Table Coordinators | Ron and Chris Alderson


Our ushers are a team of dedicated and hospitable people who welcome everyone who enters the doors of Aldersgate. Their responsibilities include greeting members and guests, guiding and directing them to available seating, providing the program outlining the service, accommodating those with hearing or visual difficulties, ushering people for Communion, collecting offering, and sustaining a meaningful atmosphere for sacred worship.


Worship Chair | Keith Kuntz