Small Group Discussion on the Weekly Sermon

New weekly sermon series in April, “Living Hope”, explores how Easter impacts the way we live.
Changing Our Habits, Caring for Creation & Working for Justice

To join a small group and receive a Zoom code please click below.

New Bible Study – 2 Kings

Tuesdays @ 10am – Zoom

Elisha succeeds Elijah, another fascinating character found in 2 Kings. Studying his life teaches us how to trust God and experience God’s presence and power. It also teaches us how to navigate key areas such as finances, politics, and prayer.

To participate, email Pastor Tim so a brief introduction and orientation can be sent. 

Morning Prayer

Tuesdays @ 9am – Zoom

Everyone is welcome to join the prayer group, contact the church office for the Zoom code to connect at home. or 714-544-3653

If you have any questions please contact the church office. or 714-544-3653