Our All-Church Lenten Study

On February 26th we celebrated Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Lent is a season on the church calendar that marks the 40 days before Easter (excluding Sundays). 

Lent is a very important season. It invites us to walk with Jesus as he heads to Jerusalem where he will be killed and then raised from the dead. Lent reminds us that to participate in Jesus’ life, we must also participate in his death. Lent suggests that the way to self-fulfillment and wholeness leads through death and self-surrender. This is not something we will learn on TV or in our textbooks, but the radical claim of the gospel is that Jesus shows humanity how to be human. 

During Lent this year we are doing an all-church event called Unbinding Your Heart. Our goal in doing this all-church study is threefold. It is to help us develop: (a) a deep relationship with God, (b) the ability to talk comfortably about faith, and (c) a real focus on people beyond our church walls. 

Each week we are reading one chapter from the book Unbinding Your Heart and doing the daily prayer exercises in the back of the book. Here is the weekly schedule for this reading and praying:

Starting the week of Monday,

  • Feb 24th – Read Chapter 1 and do the Week 1 prayer exercises
  • Mar 2nd – Read Chapter 2 and do the Week 2 prayer exercises
  • Mar 9th – Read Chapter 3 and do the Week 3 prayer exercises
  • Mar 16th – Read Chapter 4 and do the Week 4 prayer exercises
  • Mar 23rd – Read Chapter 5 and do the Week 5 prayer exercises
  • Mar 30th – Read Chapter  6 and do the Week 6 prayer exercises

Click below to find a small group time to discuss the weekly Unbinding Your Heart chapter.

I pray that during this season of Lent we will draw near to Jesus through our daily prayer and study. I pray that we will experience in a renewed way God’s presence, joy, and unending love for the world around us.

Glad to be on this journey together,

Pastor Tim

Small groups are meeting via online conferencing to discuss the weekly Unbinding Your Heart Chapter. Contact the Church Office to find out how you can join in.